can’t get enough of school

Stress management 101

Sometimes you just get buried under your to-do list. Under every single thing. Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s due to a strange set of circumstances, yet other times it’s just for the hell of it, because of Fate, sitting somewhere high up on Triglav with a desire to laugh at you. And then you feel guilty about it and do more harm than good, because if you aren’t working, you’re worrying. And even when you’re working, you’re worrying, because you think that suddenly you should miraculously be able to stretch yourself beyond human limits.

By nature, I am not a procrastinator, I do things on time and I’m rather good at planning my schedule so that I would never run out of time. But still … Continue reading…

Independent research and a culture of encouragement

Juggling current (open) projects

Today, I was thinking of writing about tulips, which finally started blooming, or about inconveniences with toothaches, which are making me wish that I was in Slovenia and able to complain about it to my dentist. But somehow I lack the inspiration for it. Instead, I’ll write about various research projects that I’m currently juggling and having immense fun with. After all: what good is it to have your own blog if you can’t share you enthusiasm? Still, I’ll begin by sharing this picture of growing tulips that I took today (just so you know that I’m truly in the Netherlands): Continue reading…