Teja in words. 

A student with a passion for reading and writing in all forms. Violinist. Linguist. Translator. Collector of notebooks that stay empty because I feel sorry for them. A lover of dogs with a smile for every four-legged floof I see on the street. I would be a procrastinator if the world didn’t have so many things that interest me. Currently in the Netherlands, where I’m enjoying myself because everyone is taller than me.

The blog Teja in Wonderland is meant for my thoughts, stories and the academic curiosities I find while discovering the field of music and language cognition.

Teja in a document.

If you’re curious, you can check out my CV here.

Teja in a word.


Teja in a picture.

Teja in a picture.

Teja in a doodle.

My doodling abilities are great.

Teja in a drawing.

However my drawing abilities haven’t improved much since I was 6.