The Jordan Travelogue

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Jordan is wonderful and I thought it would be nice to dedicate more than just one post to it. So I wrote a travelogue in twelve parts, talking about my experiences, the journey, and other travel remarks. You can read the travelogue in order, by clicking the link “Start here”, or you can look at the table of contents below and see what catches your attention.


View of Amman.


Prologue: Wanderlust and a decision is made 

Short geographic notes: Jordan as a country

Day 1 – 3: The adventure begins

Travel remarks: A woman in Jordan

Day 4 – 6: Desert castles and the Syrian border

Travel remarks: A rainy night in the desert

Day 7 – 9: The Red Sea, sunstroke and food poisoning

Travel remarks: Driving on Jordanian roads

Day 10 – 11: Floating on the Dead Sea

Travel remarks: Nice people and you are what you eat 

Epilogue: How to accept real life

Special vacation edition: BB-8 in Jordan