Nice people and you are what you eat

Travel remarks

I will tell you in advance that my food pictures won’t get any awards. A big reason for this is that I oftentimes barely remembered to grab my phone and take a quick picture before I attacked my food like a starved wolf. Generally, I can say this about the food: it was excellent. Maybe because their cuisine just suits me. They always have at least some vegetables, chicken, hummus, rice … The food is deliciously simple and I hadn’t eaten badly once. Even the meal that gave me food poisoning was good.

This is how a starter in a restaurant looks: bread and excellent olive oil paired with spices.

You have everything, from vegetables to sauces. Great for vegetarians, less so for those who love meat …

A typical Jordanian meal we ate had everything my heart (stomach) could possibly want.

And last but not least: the people. The impression I got of Jordanians in these twelve days is overwhelmingly good. They are nice, hospitable and always ready to offer help to tourists who are wandering around, all lost. There wasn’t a single moment in which I didn’t feel safe. Yes, of course there are pushy individuals in tourist spots and you need to be persistent to convince them that you truly don’t need a camel. But generally, I always felt nice. Together with Jordan’s beauty, this left me with wonderful memories of the country.

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