How to accept real life

A short epilogue

When you come back from vacation, you are on shaky ground for a while. First literally, because your floor is full of things that are strewn about in a half-unpacked suitcase. And then more metaphorically, when you suddenly have to jump into action and start working, even though your head is still full of impressions and adventures.

View of Ajloun, which looks as if it has vineyards.

I started with a Thursday meeting with my supervisor, where I found out that I actually passed my thesis rather excellently. Now I have everything necessary to graduate. Not bad news to start with! Writing this travelogue also helped me get into a working mood. I have other things ahead of me, like copyediting, translating and a lot of research in the field of linguistics and musicology. Thanks to Jordan, I have more than enough energy for it all. I can’t wait.

And the last selfie from Jordan: in front of Hadrian’s Gate.

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