Droid Adventures: BB-8 in Jordan

You’ve probably seen them around before, pictures with Lego figurines or plush toys against famous landmarks that remain blurred in the background. I’ve always found them cute and so, when the Lego Millenium Falcon caught my eye as I was packing for my vacation in Jordan, I grabbed BB-8 from the shelf and took him with me. Without further ado, here are the pictures that sprung into existence.

Tiny droid, huge city: BB-8 in Amman

“Look, look, it’s almost as round as I am.” [Roman amphitheater Amman]

BB-8 chilling at the Amman citadel.

Staring wistfully into the sunset, a very dramatic little droid.

Desert castles

“Please don’t throw me in there, I promise to stop giving you camera focus problems.” [Qasr Al-Kharanah castle]

This looks like a Sith fantasy castle, not going to lie. [Azraq castle]

Ruins of Jerash

“Are you sure the gatekeepers won’t check if I’m the droid they’re looking for?” [Hadrian’s Gate, Jerash]

Patiently waiting for Astérix and Obélix to appear. [Jerash]

On second thought, the Smurfs might be more likely … [Jerash]

Taking a walk in nature

After so much sand, some green is greatly appreciated. [Shaumari wildlife reserve]

Onwards, mighty steed! Victory awaits! [Dana nature reserve tortoise]

After living in the desert, BB-8 wasn’t sure how to deal with nature and mountains. [Dana nature reserve]

Returning home: Wadi Rum 

Finally back on familiar ground.

Yep, definitely been here before …

“See, my homeland is beautiful.”

“Fucking sand. It’s coarse and rough and irritating and it gets in my every joint.” Channeling the inner Skywalker.

Dead Sea

I don’t think salt is much better for droids than sand …

Who cares, the floating makes it all worth it.

Special appearance: BB-8 photographer

Like a wildlife photographer, a wild BB-8 droid photographer has to do a lot for her craft. (Credit goes to Rami)